Systems for variable data printing


The inkjet printing systems "IMPRONTA", proposed for variable data printing any kind of high-speed, manufactured using know-how of over twenty years and using the best technologies available on the market. Systems "footprint" are characterized by a low investment cost and low operating costs. Versions available with water-based inks, UV and specialty inks (dye, pigment, color, security, micr, invisible IR and wood).


Printing Systems based on Thermal Inkjet technology. Appreciated for their flexibility and easy to use. They can be installed on any printing press or finishing line, require little maintenance and allow to use a great variety of inks.

Satellite: Printheads 0.5" - Brick: Printheads 2".


DOD print heads, extremely compact and ideally suited for printing of 2D barcodes, print PLASTIC materials and metals even at high speeds. They have the ease of use and low cost of their best features. In addition, each head can print "bicolor".


Professional printing systems based on piezoelectric DOD. This line of inkjet printing meets the most demanding requirements of the market by offering the best combination of hardware and software currently available. This technology combines high speed printing at low investment costs of providing a highly competitive cost per copy. The costs of maintenance and startup time of the system are very low, close to 0 and the simplicity of the system requires a few hours to a full understanding by the operators.

Printing System

Model Module Width Ink Vel. 600 dpi Vel. 300 dpi Vel. 150 dpi Vel. Double
Satellite 0,5" (12,7 mm) Water 38 mt/min 76 mt/min 150 mt/min NO
Brick 2" (50,8 mm) Water 38 mt/min 76 mt/min 150 mt/min NO
Aries * 8,5" (216 mm) UV 50 mt/min 100 mt/min 150 mt/min YES
Aquarius * 8,5" (216 mm) Water 75 mt/min 150 mt/min 250 mt/min YES
Taurus * 8,5" (216 mm) Water 100 mt/min 200 mt/min 400 mt/min YES
Gemini 17" (432 mm) Acqua 100 mt/min 200 mt/min 400 mt/min YES
Iupiter 50 mm UV 50 mt/min 100 mt/min 150 mt/min NO
Saturn 50 mm Water 70 mt/min 140 mt/min 250 mt/min NO

* Available systems also in the Compact version 4.25".


Technology is very versatile and easy to use. Despite the simplicity of use it is still suitable for professional purposes. Bases its operation on a cartridge 0.5" which is the print head and consumable together. This is the main feature of inkjet printing systems based on thermal technology, the key to success that has allowed this technology to be probably the most widely used in many applications (from mailing to security printing). Replacing the printhead is a huge advantage in terms of ease of use and affordability. Flex Printing systems, as the word indicates, they are flexible and are easy to install on offset printing machines and flexo, collator, for finishing the modules and continuous sheet, inserting systems, etc.. This technology represents the best solution for applications requiring production speed within 150 mt / min and volume of ink medium-low. Brick printing system can be offered in widths from 1.5", 2" and 4 "and in multiple configurations up to 16".


DOD inkjet printheads modular width 8.5"(A4). PC Station allows you to control up to 4 heads (total width 34") by managing a single layout. They are made to be easy to mount on presses and finishing lines. These systems guarantee speed compatible with most of the production needs making them suitable for installation on any line of printing and finishing. They represent the new standard in variable data printing: easy to use, low investment, low maintenance cost with a copy for sure. Flexible printing color (spot), security inks (wood), magnetic, black high concentration for print quality at a low resolution.


Among the DOD, the fastest printing systems in the world. Maximum speed up to 800 m / min combined with a perfect control of print quality. The system Taurus, A4, has been developed to be easily integrated in any print line. Its modularity allows multiple installations of up to 8 modules. A single PC can 'check prints up to 68" wide total. Gemini is the modern answer to the press to "book on demand" quality at very high speed at very low cost per copy. Single 17" inkjet print head with mechanical extraction system (including motorized) for cleaning the print heads (fully automatic optional). A control system of the paper ensures a perfect print quality. Also available in print front and back, 34" total.


The printing system of Planets line respond to market demand to dispose of modular, compact, versatile and extremely reliable and fast. The technology is designed specifically for installation in compact lines such as collator, lines of card personalization and mailing, web offset and flexo printing. Jupiter, due to specific UV-curing inks or conventional LEDs, allows printing of particular materials demanding such as aluminum, PVC, coated papers. Saturn has instead of the best water-based inks for printing of high quality even at high speeds. By developing internal, DG ITALIA cretes solutions and customer can also check the ink supply printheads with ink of different feeds (WB, UV, MICR, spot color). The ability to fully exploit the Planets technology also allows bi-color printing with a single head without sacrificing operating speed of the system. The cabinets are also compatible with the systems of the Zodiac line to offer maximum versatility.


It is the main key of inkjet printing systems offered by DG ITALIA. A single software interface, modular, capable of handling even several technologies simultaneously. Contains years of feedback from our customers, experiences, needs matured over time and new processes. Simple and intuitive, built in touch screen version allows printing of barcodes 1 / 2D / QR Code, database, pdf (by a second software), booklet, variable images, coupons bingo, mailing. A few clicks to access the more complex and the security of an online support is always present. Control drivers are all certified Microsoft 32 and 64bit.


DG ITALIA has a qualified engineering department, which designs and manufactures high-level mechanical solutions to adapt inkjet printing systems and allow the installation of any line of printing or finishing. Thanks to accurate CAD drawings and parts made with CNC machines guarantee the highest precision for solutions "tailored" for each specific need of our customers. The main benefit is that it can compare with the customer by providing the best possible solution by sharing experiences and suggestions.


In the new head office of DG ITALIA is available a demo room dedicated to the practice of our customers. A press capable of printing up to 300 meters / min is home for inkjet printing technologies complete with drying systems (UV and IR). Our technical staff is able to perform tests on any material, sample production and technical assessment of each component. Moreover, guarantee training sessions to operators pre-installation in order to allow a more effective final testing.