Printing systems and sheet coil


One of the most interesting and evolving markets is the roll-to-sheet one. EDELMANN GRAPHICS has an experience of over 30 years in this segment with a wealth of experience poured into their machines becoming an undisputed leader in the industry with a series of solutions that can be printed to produce high quality magazines and newspapers, letterhead paper,laser personalized placemats and instructions pharmaceutical companies.
All the outputs are designed for EDELMANN GRAPHICS combined machines (sheet / coil / fold) with stackers "non stop" and special accessories (p. Example. Folding of signatures for newspapers and magazines). The rotary EDELMANN GRAPHICS systems can mount rotary cutters with automatic trimming for the production of paper in A4 format custom laser, the system can be completed with in line packaging systems capable of producing up to 240,000 sheets / hour.


EDELMANN GRAPHICS always been interested in every market, every niche, for each segment of them EDELMANN GRAPHICS has a solution: micro runs with simple machines with fast job changes and deviations, medium runs with many rapid changes in format or high-volume and high-quality presses capable of printing up to 400 m / min.
For each of these segments EDELMANN GRAPHICS offers a line of flexible and technologically advanced machines with special accessories to make the job easier and highly productive. The presses are supplied with dedicated output with continuous bending or combined with a rewinder. At request, can also be fitted an output sheet.


All the rewinders EDELMANN can be mounted "no stop" (splicer). Today, the market is demanding more and more material printed on the coil for subsequent treatments of finish: mailing, packaging, instructions, and specialized jobs. The printable material up to 12 colors must be perfectly dry (cured) in line with UV technology. EDELMANN GRAPHICS has an established technology and solutions for these needs.


From different years, EDELMANN GRAPHICS is in the field of self-adhesive labels and packaging with the modification and customization of production machines, now offers a line of dedicated machines with a variety of accessories and solutions designed especially for this evolving industry and presented the model COLOR PRINT V 52 (also in enlarged to 72 cm) and the new EVO V 48 PRINT Label collect the most successful market.
The model EVO V 48 PRINT Label is now available in a printing unit version with two cylinders: a winning answer for those who must have many formats. The most current technology is present on these presses: the most effective systems for quality control: registry, inking, density, viscosity ink for maximum repeatability of the work, the more different printing units (wet offset, waterless offset, typographic direct and indirect printing units and coating flexo, gravure and screen printing).
Completing the range of personalization systems for hot and cold gilding, groups for relief "blind embossing" and more. In addition EDELMANN GRAPHICS offers its experience to customer design for special needs of production.


Variable size web offset press for continuous production of printed and paper, special paper for printing custom laser (100,000 A4 sheets / hour), with printing technology, three-cylinder, straight paper path and superior print quality. Available up to 8 colors and is suitable for printing with UV inks (printed advertising material and adhesive labels).
Available in sizes from 10 "to 26" with a fold out, sheetfed and web. Speeds of up to 250 meters / minute. Paper width max. 52 cm.


Rotary offset by high performance coil with a inking unit increased. The machine quickly produces high quality with a high degree of automation. Modular and designed to print up to 12 colors, with output a fold, a reel, one sheet "non-stop" (high pile stacker). Rotary a 16 "variable format to 48". Speed ​​Up to 400 meters per Minute. Max paper width. 52 cm, 72 cm and 76 cm.


By rotary spool Specialized for printing labels and packaging evolved with a Print technology three-cylinder (on request a cause cylinders) and max 31. Until 10 Colors Available format and suitable for printing of self-adhesive labels, films and coupled technicians. Highly Specialized CAN mount rotary typographical printing Groups (Direct / indirect), Groups flexo, gravure and screen printing Groups, paint systems and cold gilding and rotary die stations. Speed up to 250 meters / min. Paper width max 43 cm and 52 cm.

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